WIZE® wiring tester

WIZE® is a range of wiring testers specially designed for fields with high technical and regulatory constraints: aviation, space, transportation, energy. The WIZE® wiring tester fits perfectly into the manufacturers' production lines, from the manufacture of electrical systems to their integration into complex systems (aircraft, trains, satellites, etc.).


WIZE® performs all the measurements necessary:

  • For the harness test at the end of production,
  • For the wiring test,
  • For the pseudo-functional test by its ability to generate, switch and measure simple stimuli,
  • For the passive components test (resistors, capacitors and diodes).


An extended test capability

WIZE® can test up to 65000 points with the following checks:

  • Low voltage continuity, lack of continuity and localization,
  • High voltage (up to 6000 Volts) insulation and detection of electrical arcing (dielectric).


A simple, flexible and scalable solution

WIZE® continuously adapts to all new projects thanks to its ability to add test points and functions.

Test preparation is simplified by an intuitive man-machine interface.
The test speed, 100 to 150 measurements per second continuous, considerably reduces test time.

The WIZE® range's modularity and completeness can meet each customer's needs. Our highly responsive technical teams can produce specific configurations capable of testing any electrical system in the best possible conditions.


A unique technology

WIZE® testers have a dual ground path ensuring full compliance with the test standards, for:

  • Insulation fault finding,
  • Reliable measurement of low capacitances.


A global offering

The WIZE® range solutions can be completed by:

  • Support to define your needs, define your test strategy or integration in your production line,
  • The supply of intelligent connecting cables or storage cabinets,
  • Dynamic customer support with subscription to software updates, hotline, on-site assistance, standard exchange within 48 hours, repairs and calibration.