Portable test solution VeriDAS® (Verification of Defensive AIDS System)

Verification of Defensive AIDS System

Defensive Aids Systems are essential for improving military plane and helicopter survivability.

The VeriDAS® test system confirms the plane or helicopter's readiness for the mission; this validation is by a rapid but comprehensive test of the aircraft's passive defense systems directly on the tarmac, just before going on operations.


Threats simulation

VeriDAS® not only tests the equipment individually but provides end-to-end validation of the passive defense function by finding any wiring faults, damage or deterioration.

VeriDAS® stimulates the following sensors in turn:

  • Missile Launch Detection System (MLDS),
  • Laser Warning Receiver (LWR),
  • Radar Warning Receiver (RWR),

Thus simulating the different types of possible threats.

The passive defense system's operation is then checked directly in the cockpit by verifying that the visual and audible warnings are effectively transmitted to the pilot.


Verification of countermeasures

VeriDAS® also ensures that countermeasures such as decoy flare dispensers or chaff dispensers are fully operational, it substitutes a simulator for these dispensers which verifies that the decoy dispensing order reaches the ejection control device correctly.