To handle the increased passenger traffic on its lines, Lille’s subway operator is doubling train length from 26 to 52 metres. The change affects the stringent maintenance checks that automated trains must undergo, including track testing. As the current track does not have the spare capacity needed for additional testing, SPHEREA Test & Services’ dynamic bench will create it. Housed indoors, it will limit the space needed to run the tests.
The bench replicates subway operations, making the full range of track tests possible by running trains on static rollers and simulating their interaction with the network’s signalling systems. Conditions are realistic enough for the tests to be comparable to a train running on actual rails, meeting the required levels of safety and availability.
The pilot installation will operate SPHEREA Test & Services’ U-TEST™ simulation environment and comprises:
  • A mechanical bench capable of mechanically and kinetically simulating the train’s movement;
  • A control post to pilot the bench and the train being tested;
  • The electrical infrastructure needed to run the bench.
“This agreement is an important step in our strategy for growth,” said Christian Dabasse, CEO of SPHEREA Test & Services. “The bench marks a leap forward for rail testing and I’d like to thanks the Métropole Européenne de Lille for entrusting us with its development.”
For this project, SPHEREA Test & Services has joined forces with SEREME, a company specialising in the design and production of mechanical test means.

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