Portable test solution miniFLITS®

MiniFLITs is unique, a readymade solution that is adaptable to your specific test requirement.In its standard form, miniFLITS consists of a laptop and a Test Resource Chamber (TRC). The laptop provides the processing power and standard interfaces (USB, ETHERNET) while the TRC is adapted to interface with the platform. It is portable, adaptable and flexible.


Application Test Packages

miniFLITS can resolve first or second line test issues. Bespoke Application Test Packages (ATP) can be written by SPHEREA or adapted by you from legacy applications. Multiple ATPs can be installed on a single miniFLITS making it a complete solution.


Mature Product

MiniFLITS is the  latest development in SPHEREA’s first line functional test portfolio; which has been operational for over 20 years.

miniFLITS is a Technology Readiness Level (TRL) 9 product having been successfully fielded testing engine gauges and Air Flight Control Systems (AFCS) on the Lynx Helicopter for the UK MOD. miniFLITS has proven to be  a reliable and cost-effective asset.


No Fault Found

As a portable ATE (Automatic Test Equipment), miniFLITS can identify a specific issue down to a component level. This complete capability reduces No Fault Founds by minimising ambiguity during maintenance tests thus producing long term cost savings for our customers.


Other Applications

MiniFLITS can also be used for commercial aerospace applications. From functional test to system stimulation and validation, versatility is key to this product's success. Other applications for miniFLITS include:

  • Verification of Health and Usage Monitoring System (HUMS) data,
  • Remote testing,
  • Bus simulation,
  • Data acquisition.


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