SESAR® GPATE (General Purpose Automatic Test Equipment) test bench


The SESAR® 3000 family of testers is the ideal support solution to:

  • Guarantee maximum operational availability of your military systems,
  • Increase the self-sufficiency of forces deployed in the theater of operations. SESAR® 3000 family General Purpose Automatic Test Equipment (GPATE) can be deployed both in the armed forces' permanent maintenance workshops and directly on operations,
  • Provide support for the electronic and optronic equipment of a large number of military planes or helicopters and armored vehicles.



The French Air Force and Navy have equipped themselves with SESAR® 3000 GPATE MERMOZ test stations for the maintenance of the RAFALE's main on-board equipment (radar, mission computers, radio communication equipment, electronic warfare equipment, optronic systems and weapons systems).
Fixed configurations have been installed in the maintenance workshops at Air Force and Navy bases.
SESAR® GPATE test benches have also been deployed on the aircraft carrier Charles de Gaulle.



Support for the French Navy's Hawkeye aircraft is provided by SESAR® GPATE test benches installed either at the Air Force or Naval bases, or on the aircraft carrier Charles de Gaulle.


Mirage 2000

Over 30 test benches have been delivered to 5 countries as part of the Mirage 2000 program.
5 of these testers are use to maintain the ANTILOPE radar.


Leclerc tank

33 test benches deployed either in shelters transportable by truck, or in the French Army's maintenance workshops provide the maintenance for more than 50 items of electronic and optronic equipment for the Leclerc tank.



Four SESAR® GPATE test stations are dedicated to testing the optronic equipment for VABOBS, mainly the laser rangefinder and the sight systems.



Under the NH90 European program, SPHEREA has supplied a generic tester to maintain the avionics for the NH90 helicopter.
This test bench has been developed from a SESAR® GPATE core system and is used by the six nations involved in the NH90 program.



An optronics test station has been developed for the German Bundeswehr. This tester is used to maintain the OSIRIS sight head on the German Tiger.

In the French Army, test stations are used to maintain the Tiger's electronic equipment: control computer, radio communication equipment, multifunction display, radar, electronic warfare equipment.