FAL testing system

SPHEREA offers a computer-aided test solution for automating ground tests during the final assembly of an aircraft.

Productivity increased and optimized

The advantages of such a system for a final assembly line include:

  • Increased productivity due to optimised tests,
  • Reduced operator errors, the system is completely automated,
  • Easy to use / Ergonomic,
  • Lower integration costs.


The definition of the need in the project management

SPHEREA intervenes at different levels:

  • Engaging with OEMs and Contractors, our engineers fully integrate into the team,
  • Requirements capture consultancy,
  • Design and installation of the appropriate system, software and hardware architecture,
  • Tool manufacture,
  • Supply of tool maintenance solutions,
  • Maintaining equipment and systems in operational conditions throughout the programme's lifetime,
  • Management of necessary system changes (series evolutions and new programs).